Geneva, Switzerland

STIL'S ASSOCIATES “Security Consulting”:
consulting, protection, investigation.

A high quality global service, capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.

Based in Geneva and recognized by the Department of Justice and Police, the firm of STIL'S ASSOCIATES aims its services at a top-of-the-range clientele, seeking efficiency and discretion. These services are of three types: consulting as regards security, protection of persons and belongings, and investigation, with its agency of carefully selected detectives.

STIL'S ASSOCIATES makes it a point of honor to provide services of very high quality. Its competence in the areas of security, protection and investigation are henceforth widely appreciated by a prestigious international clientele.

STIL'S ASSOCIATES is one of the few companies offering these three services simultaneously.

Its credo : efficiency, discretion, and fully customized work geared to the specific needs of the client. All these are qualities that have forged the reputation of stil's associates.