Geneva, Switzerland

Personal protection : high-level professionals


The security agents of STIL'S ASSOCIATES are skilled professionals and have all received high-level training with the best international specialists. These carefully selected men and women master their job perfectly and know how to operate in business circles and act with discretion, while always maintaining the highest level of efficiency.

The security agents of STIL'S ASSOCIATES regularly follow refresher courses. Familiar with modern techniques of personal protection, they are capable of managing situations of stress in all circumstances. They all hold a gun license and an official authorization to exercise their profession.

Whether in cases of protection of persons and belongings, anti-kidnapping or anti-aggression activities, or even high-risk missions, the agents of STIL'S ASSOCIATES are ready to take action at any time of the day or night.

STIL'S ASSOCIATES also offers an overall management of the mission entrusted to it :

> Risk assessment according to each situation,

> Reservations of all types made in our name, so as to guarantee anonymity and security of the customer,

Provision of limousines, armored or not, with chauffeurs and armed bodyguards,

Sale or rental of sophisticate equipment,

Appropriate reply to each specific request of the client.